Thursday, 4 June 2009

Project Natal

Hello readers, once again in our efforts to keep you informed of the latest in technology, we have to deviate ourselves of our DARPA challenge posting to present you with a project that might well change the way we look at videogames.

Code named Project Natal is the latest effort from Microsoft to allow the gamer to be more involved in the gaming experience, in an idea similar to the Wii Mote, Microsoft brings us a sensing system without the needs of a control.

Meanwhile some of the major details are still hidden, some technical specs have been released.

Its sensor system consists in an array of Microphones for  Acoustic source localization and includes as well an RGB camera and a depth sensor similar to the one the SwissRanger features.

The most important part are the vision and motion detection algorithm that according to some sources are as advanced as some state of the art algorithms presented in recent conferences.

There is no release date yet for the system, but it sure point interacting in the right direction.


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