Thursday, 28 May 2009

Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Keeping with our laboratories tour through the world, now we present one of the laboratories involved in the Darpa Challenge Stanford Team, which was actually the winner or second place in the last 2 events.

One of the main figures of the laboratory is PhD Sebastian Thrun, who is one of the authors of the great book Probabilistic Robotics, and we have here in the laboratory our own Japanese Copy of the book.

Among some of the research of this lab is  A Robotically-Augmented Walker for Older Adults and a very interesting 3D mapping system using robots for small environments such as mines or caves.

I his page there is a number of videos we are sure you will enjoy watching.

Well, tomorrow we will report on the other members of the Stanford Darpa Challenge winners. And as well we will have our open laboratory so we will post some pictures and some insight as well.

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