Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Mobile Robotics in Michigan University

Remember this is the 3rd in a series of 5 posts on mobile robotics, so you are actualized with what the academic world is doing currently.

As we mentioned before, we had some visitors last week, one of them Vishnu Desaraju, who presented a very good paper on mobile robotics in the ICRA in Kobe. While in Michigan University, he worked in the Multi-agent Decision and Control Lab where they developed a robot collision avoidance system, work that he presented in the ICRA.

The slides of his presentation are here and the accompanying paper  in this link.

His work posses a very interesting approach on how autonomous vehicle can interact with each other without the necessity of GPS systems or very advanced localization systems, and excels in demonstrate how in a simple architecture one can achieve great degree of control.

Pictures and Movies can be seen in the Michigan University site that for the sake of avoiding right infringement we will not post.

Thank You Vishnu and we hope in some next posts, we will be able to post something on your lab at MIT.

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