Monday, 25 May 2009

Visitor from Boston University

Hello, we hope you have a nice week, and following up our posts on mobile robotics, here we present now, the work a PhD candidate at Boston University presented in our laboratory a week ago.

His name is Morteza Lahijanian and he is a member of Anderson Laboratory at BU. His paper was on Symbolic control of mobile robots, which is an area that deals with the common problem of mobile robot navigation and control, but using more an abstract concept like full commands instead of complex equations, into trying to conceptualize the entire system.

His paper name was Automatic deployment of autonomous cars in a robotic urban-like environment (RULE), and he showed us in his power point presentation how a simple set of commands could been mapped and assembled in accordance to the environment and user necessities.

For the moment we do not have a video, but as soon as I can find something nice, we will post it.

Have fun and have dreams.



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