Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Reinventing and creating

Hello users, since we are still putting together the pictures and reports of the Open Laboratory, we are going to post today on a brand new technology Google just presented last weekend, and that it certain ways it intends to change the way we chat, write mails, and why not, do social media itself.

The name of this new product is Google wave, the wave is basically a chat window, where people can chat, send emails, and post social media, everything in just one window.

The main idea is to change the way we communicate with our peers and in doing so Google is presenting a way in which we can share YouTube videos, without having to go to YouTube, or any other content such as images and files, everything would be stored within the wave.

The best part of it presents in the form of it being open sourced, meaning anyone can create new functionalities, the product itself is set to release later this year, but if you wish to create something cool, jus click here and start programming.

We leave you with a video, a little bit long but well worth the time of the presentation done of Google Wave.

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