Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Wolfram Alpha

Hello readers. This time we would like to introduce you to a most useful tool in the scientific field.

From the makers of Mathematica , Wolfram Research, we are presented with an innovative and quite good searching engine, which provides results unlike any search engine you have seen.

Lets say you are looking for the flight distance between Tokyo and Mexico City, lets input that in Google and you will get something like this, which is mainly composed of commercial information, which is really useful when trying to buy a ticket, yet in the scientific world most of the times we are interested in something more.

And thus, Wolfram Alpha search result is this, which if you are looking for geometric information or doing some research is way better.

It is not a better search engine, it is a different kind which aims to give more specific and exact results to more concise questions.

I leave you with Wolfram himself explaining the searching engine.

Wolfram Aplha Video

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