Monday, 11 May 2009

Cornell University Visitors

Hello, we hope you have the nicest of the weeks, and here we are again, with current news of our Laboratory. Today we had the visit of Jonathan Schoenberg who presented his paper Localization with Multi-Modal Vision Measurements in Limited GPS Environments Using Gaussian Sum Filters.

He explained to us this was the algorithm they used for the DARPA Urban Challenge in which they were able to finish the competition.

We think this kind of experiences are very important to promote growing and to allow laboratories across the world to interchange experiences and points of view over different issues.

So for you to share some of the experience here is a video of the GTalk given by the DARPA Challenge Team in Google.

 Here is the direct link in case you cannot watch the embedded video.



I hope you can all watch the video, we had some problems with the embedding of this one.


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