Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Operating System for Robots

Since its first inception, Robots have always been hard to standardize, Japan has its own RT Middleware to try and fight this issue, and other platforms such as ICE and Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio also exists.

Yet, efforts have not been oriented in the fact that a Robot may need a native OS to run and generate any function it is capable of.

For this reason some people are proposing to standardize an unique system, so development can be easily transferred from some platform to another, a good candidate for this is Willow Garage own OS system, which has proven to be most effective for their current research.

We leave you with a video and remember to send any comments and questions.

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Monday, 17 August 2009

Touchable Holograms

Hello readers. We hope you have had a nice time during our absence.

Now we are going to report on a new technology that was recently shown here in Tokyo University at Shinoda Laboratory.

Basically they are able to five physical feedback to a hand grasping an hologram, this technology is feasible thanks to a couple of Wii Motes that are in charge of tracking the hand position. And an air tracking display, which basically lets the user pin point where point of pressure will be delivered and giving the sensation of touching something.

The amount of applications this work could have range among other, videogames and disabled people help when going through the street.

We let you with the video and hope you enjoy.

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