Thursday, 18 March 2010

A Lost Rover Purpose is…?

As most of you should know, the mars rover, Spirit, was launched with the purpose to give us a better understanding of the mars soil and atmosphere characteristics. But now it is lost.

The Spirit Rover, one of the most famous robots of late,  was first deployed in 2004 with the simple, yet important, task of sampling Martian soil  and get important information for further missions.

Originally the rover was suppose to work for 90 days, yet the system was rather efficient and went on 20 times that time until it became stuck.

Because of that, the solar panel system used to power up the robot wont be able to be filled on time resulting in the robot cease of functions.

NASA is still suing the robot for some basic sensing functions, and they will till it becomes inoperable.

This is just an example on how robots, through expensive are also made to be recyclable, maybe in some 50 years we will be able to retrieve it, who knows, maybe sooner.

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