Friday, 10 April 2009

Weekly Presentation

Hello again:

This week we had the introduction of Emre from Turkey as a new member of the laboratory. We hope he gives a lot to the lab and make good friends in there.

AS well we had the presentation of the book and the seminar, which was held by Lazlo, and it was related to an Interface to control a vacuum robot, quite inventive, since it used a touch screen as an interface.

The paper data is the following one:

Sakamoto, D., Honda, K., Inami, M., and Igarashi, T. 2009. Sketch and run: a stroke-based interface for home robots. In Proceedings of the 27th international Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Boston, MA, USA, April 04 - 09, 2009). CHI '09. ACM, New York, NY, 197-200.

As well we are preparing for the open campus, we hope you all readers can come, I will post the invitation and the data as soon as I have it.

See you



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